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the japanese have to decide which is more expensive, fixing their damaged nuclear industry or living without it. anita mcnaught,al jazeera, tokes yo. a quick reminder of the website address. it's
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[[voiceover]] every sunday night, al jazeera america presents gripping films from the world's top documentary directors. >>thank god i didn't suffer what he had to go through. next sunday, the premiere of google and the world brain. >>this is the opportunity of our generation. [[voiceover]] it would be the world's greatest library under one digital roof. but at what cost? >>google could hold the whole world hostage. [[voiceover]] al jazeera america presents google and the world brain. with an autographed jersey, and obama shared a few praise. >> coach shula retired with more wins than any coach in history. each time that record has been challenged, team after team has fallin short.
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>> michael eaves joins us to talk more about that. the president was having a lot
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>> welcome back. we're talking about detroit's pension battle and whether or
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not it's possible to come back from this financial crisis. we're talking about $18 billion. is there a county in which a city is just beyond the reach of a recovery plan? >> in this case the debt service on those bonds, those pension liabilities, those unfunded retiree pension obligations are expected to eat up the budget in ten years. that's a level that you can't fix management and pay for. bankruptcy. more importantly is fix the major problems that this city services or that prevent the city from providing city services. >> detroit has an image problem, i don't think that's all, ibrahim said that detroit needs help from the streets to the lights and the government runedding it. 78,000 abandoned buildings, 40%
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of the street lights don't work. a third of the ambulances don't work and it has the highest murder rate in four years. you've been a resident for years. talk to us what detroit was and with all these statistics that seem so dour do you think detroit can reach that glory again? >> i believe we can. we get rid of the corruption and we get rid of persons or governors trying to take over our city and give us an opportunity to infuse our city with money that is owed to us, and bail us out like they bailed the banks out. yes, detroit is and will have a comeback. >> the last 20 years of detroit city has been nothing but bail out after bail out. they get their revenue sharing and they get 60% of every other government. they have rewritten their tax law specifically for the city of detroit. they've allowed detroit to have
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casinos that no other city has, although that might be changing in the future, and they already get more revenue per capita despite their economy than every other city in michigan. >> so bottom line mismanagement for you. >> well, it's not a revenue question. it's a mismanagement question, and then the debt problems the city faces are going to be ironed out in bankruptcy, we hope. >> you know, lisa-- >> it will be very close to having a valid, thriving at this. >> lee sharks first of all all these figures are being manipulated. the whole question of how much is unfunded in the pension is under dispute. whether the city manager bargained in good faith, that's in dispute. some of these bonds are backed up by the water revenue so they shouldn't be counted. this is something that our consultant should know, the state withheld promised money
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from the city for over a decade. hundreds of millions of dollars were not sent here. 80% of all school monies that come to detroit end up going to pay bonds off on schools that have been built and leveled since then. >> david and sin i can't cynthis looking out for you? >> the people, our unions. >> our retirees. the people themselves will have to do this. we're looking, a lot of us are veterans of the civil rights movements. we know how to march. we've been marching, we've been protesting. if we have to go more aggressive in our protests we intend to do that. we are not going quietly into the night. we're not going to starve quietly. we're going to fight along side the city workers and the other residents, the lover of the art institute, they're talking about taking the art institute and
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selling the art off. you know who did that last? the nazis did that and looted the cities. on october 5th we're calling on people around the country who are facing similar things to come to detroit for a mass people's assembly against the banks and against austerity. we're looking-- >> i'm going to go with you on this. >> this is a national fight. >> this is what our community says. is there another city in decline comparable to detroit. if there is, fair question. if not, outliers do not set the rules. if pensioners are not treated fairly then it will set a bad example for others cities with pensions problems. >> unfortunately detroit has one of the longest histories of erosion and decline, which is unfortunate. other cities like new york, cleveland, philadelphia, in 1975, '78, '91 all this problems. they worked with their state. they came together. they solved those problems.
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they put in the controls necessary to ensure that they had the services, they had the infrastructure to attract business, create new jobs for their people, and that led the way to a successful recovery. >> james, we have 20 seconds left. >> yes, the mismanagement and corruption is even present in the pension funds. a couple of board members and lawyers are under indictment. that's the problem in detroit. they're supposed to have the backing of employees and residents-- >> and they don't. that's all the time we have. thank you, we appreciate the conversation. until next time we'll see you online.
6:00 am ♪ ♪ ♪ music announcer:>> this is al jazeera! ♪ ♪ >> hello. welcome to the news hour from al jazeera's headquarters. we have your top stories from around the world. >> limited, taylored approached, not getting drawn into a long conflict. >> no decision yet, but barack obama has laid out a case for punishing syria over claims it used chemical weapons. in the u.k. opposition is growing. plans to hold quick votes authorizing military action are

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